Consulting Services/Booking Dianne

CenterPoint Counseling and Consulting can provide motivational consultation and educational workshops at your place of business, school, retreat, or other location. Keynote presentations, staff and employee development, management training, and group facilitation are available upon request.

Consulting and presentation content centers on details regarding the human condition. Preventative health, mindfulness meditation, ecopsychology, healthy eating, effective communication, aspects of behavioral health including treating symptoms of anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder and ADHD are all available within this subject matter.




none at this time

Consultation Clients:

Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator for employees at Franklin County Headstart (ongoing)

Mindfulness Meditation/Stress Reduction Facilitator for staff and students at Wilson College (ongoing)

  Past workshops:

Mindfulness Meditation for Health and Wellness:  Franklin County Human Services Training Days

Mindful Conflict Resolution, Customer Service & Relationship Building: Franklin County Public Library In-Service

                 Treatment for Anxiety: Five Steps for Relief:   MHA   Conference

                 This Precious Present: Inspiring the Human Spirit Within: Keynote address for MHA

                 Taking Gentle Care of Self; Mindful Strategies for Health: Barrows Investment Services Monthly Meeting

                 Mindfulness Meditation:  Supporting all the Seasons of You:    Women’s Agriculture Conference

                Ecopsychology: Fulton Center for Sustainable Living;   Processes for personal empowerment, societal change, and environmental sustainability

                Navigating Conscious Eating: Overcoming compulsive and disordered eating habits; Annual South Central Women’s Conference

                Mindfulness Meditation for Everyday Living: How to center self, focus thoughts, and stay in the moment; 6 week program, ongoing

                Energizing Transformation: Making changes permanent; South Central Women’s Conference

Mindfulness for Therapists; Clinical Applications:  Franklin County Human Service Training Days

                Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: You can live again; Women in Need Organization and Staff Training

                Bringing The Art of Listening into Customer Service: Whitetail Ski Resort


          Workshops can be developed based on individual client need and organizational interest. Consulting is offered for various lengths of time: Seminars and training can run from one hour lunch training to day long retreats.  Please call 717.267.2081 and speak with Dianne, Daniella, Hannah, or Alice to book Dianne for your workshop/consulting needs.

             If your interest is in MIndfulness Meditation specifically,  and        if  group meditations are not for you, perhaps try an individual mindfulness-based personal session.   Call 717-267-2081 to set up your individual session with Dianne Elsom, LCSW, Meditation Teacher. 

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