Healthy Living


Becoming the person you want to be may be easier than you think…


Life can be challenging, but can also hold beauty, joy, and satisfaction. We believe fully that people are more emotionally balanced when they have an active support system of family and friends;


…have a strong, continuous connection with nature; participate in regular, active exercise; play and have fun often;


…participate in activities that bring meaning and purpose;


and… eat fresh, local, organic foods.                                


 Clinical conditions such as depression, stress, and anxiety can rob us of desire or interest.   Even general confusion or pressures of life can take away joy and laughter.  However, daily quiet time, reflection, and deeper meditation can center and clarify your inner intention and energy.   Your “self” craves to be listened to.  It’s cheap, easy, and chemical free.

Pause.    Breathe.   Try it.   We do.          


CenterPoint Counseling and Consulting is a proud sponsor of the Kids POP (Power of Produce) Club. Learn more about this program through their Web site (linked above) and at the North Square Farmers Market, in downtown Chambersburg. The Farmers Market is held from 8-noon Saturdays, May – October.

“Getting what you go after is success; but liking it while you are getting it is happiness.”

B. Damon