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Therapy Services


Adult Therapy treats many unwanted symptoms from anxiety, depression, obsessions and compulsions, panic attacks, eating disorders, and post traumatic stress disorder to general fears, losses, and stresses. Career confusion and questions surrounding natural life transitions are supported and addressed. Therapeutic techniques use skills from, but are not limited to, psychodynamic theories, self psychology, mindful awareness, stress reduction/relaxation, breath control, and dialectical based modalities. Individual growth and pacing of self discovery is unique for each individual client.


Child and Adolescent Therapy strives to reduce conflict and disagreement within the family system. Opposition, symptoms of ADHD, and PDD are common diagnoses and symptoms treated for children and adolescents. Divorcing families with children are often clients at CenterPoint. Play therapy begins for children 3 years of age and older. Children and adolescents use projective sand art and drama techniques to externalize life situations and express what they are yet to effectively verbalize.

  • Children and adolescents must be able to maintain outpatient-appropriate, self-controlled behavior.
  • Divorced or divorcing families with joint custody arrangements must provide both adult parental signatures for treatment to begin.


Couples and Relationship Therapy works to improve cycles of relating to reduce unwanted conflict and distress. The goal is to improve  communication so that unwanted and unhelpful psychological defenses are removed and the core listening and sharing between two people can begin. Couples discover the areas of joining and combined interest where there used to be competition and blame. Intimacy is shifted from who is right and wrong to agreed upon new solutions and shared, respected ideas.  Use of blame and self defensiveness within communication is remedied.

“People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.” — Norman Vincent Peale
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CenterPoint Counseling and Consulting accepts self-pay and selected in and out of network private insurances. EAP contracts are also available for various local employers. Please call for details.